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Why NASA won't send humans to Venus
   Tech Insider
  Published: 11 months ago


Although Venus is easier to reach than Mars, scientists and space agencies around the world show little interest in exploring the planet. Why is it that they have so much enthusiasm in examining Mars but not our neighboring planet, Venus?

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1 hour ago
Venus isnt the hottest planet right? I mean its not the closest to the sun. Mercury is the hottest planet. Also Venus is a rock planet. I feel like youre talking about the gas giants. But im not wrong. I studied planets today. So Venus is the second closest to the sun

6 hours ago
they don't wanna go to venus,they want to probe uranus

8 hours ago
They should send in a robot camera to explore

8 hours ago
Venus doesn't really get much love in sci fi either. If humans have colonized the solar system, they tend to hang out on Mars or the Jovian or Saturnian moons. Though I did find it kind of cool how in Alistair Reynold's Poseidon's Children trilogy, Venus had floating cities in the "habitable zone" of the atmosphere (there is actually a region where atmospheric pressure and temperature are bearable, though you'd still need an independent supply of oxygen).

10 hours ago
Did you know that mercury is not the hottest planet Venus Is because the clouds trap the heat from the sun


11 hours ago

19 hours ago
you gone turn into a fuckin chicken nugget in about 5 minutes

19 hours ago
Don't worry humans will land on Venus. Just in thousand years after our deaths.

20 hours ago
Don't worry humans will land on Venus. Just in thousand years after our deaths.

23 hours ago
its hot

1 day ago
Because it’s the hottest planet 😂

1 day ago
nice place to get away from the drama

1 day ago
This video would be 30 secs long if you just said "it's hot"... like our women

1 day ago
0:23 its 243 days which is less than one year

1 day ago
What is nasa

2 days ago
Cause Calvin will kill them all

2 days ago
"Its hot"*video ends*

2 days ago
It's cool that earth has sent crafts to Venus. Mars is so overrated lmao

2 days ago
Because we will die and get crushed

2 days ago
Who thought nasa was going to send people to Venus?

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