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🇰🇷 Winter Olympics seeks young viewers
   Al Jazeera English
  Published: 4 days ago


While the Winter Olympics is a huge global event, organisers are concerned about how many young people are watching.

A survey in South Korea before the games showed those aged under 20 were largely indifferent about the Olympics.

Al Jazeera's Lee Wellings reports from Gangneung.

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2 days ago

3 days ago
If you can't watch it on the internet, forget about that audience. I'm a bit older but followed their lead and cut cable. I'm happier and more active for it. Really the only thing good about cable was sports.

3 days ago
E sports in the Olympics? 🤢

3 days ago
If you want to appeal to people under 30, make the Olympics on demand with a commercial-free, subscription option.

4 days ago
Winter Olympics is boring. This Winter Olympics especially in South Korea probably the worst of the worst.

4 days ago
Well...maybe if NBC and its counterparts didn't have such a stranglehold on the "rights" to show anything Olympics, we would see more young people invested in the games especially on social media.

4 days ago
Russia,china,North Korea threat the peace of the world

4 days ago
This year,the Olympic committee banned Russia to join the Olympic Games,I'm very happy,I hope the next Olympic Games can ban North Korea and China

4 days ago
the lack of appeal is in part because 99.9% of the athletes are white from northern hemisphere countries, even the canadian team only has one nonwhite person

4 days ago
Well next time you have a real Olympics with all nations competing maybe I’ll watch. If the Americunts keep needing to have the competition banned then why watch a farce.

4 days ago
So are they losing money?

4 days ago
People are waking up to flat earth they don't want to be lied to any more look at my channel for more info like subscribe comment

4 days ago
No one cares obviously

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