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NOT A HERO DLC | Resident Evil 7 - Part 14
  Published: 1 week ago


Resident Evil 7 is BACK in full form with an awesome new piece of DLC that brings Chris Redfield back into the fray! Let's see if we can finally get some answers out of that weaselly son!
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Comments Directly on YouTube

10 minutes ago
He's gone from accidentally putting goop juice all over him to accidentally injecting heroine into his arm

Also: I'M GONNA RAM YOUR ROD. Is a notable thing that was said

1 hour ago
Nice Dragonball reference Mark

3 hours ago
Was Lucas infected at all?

4 hours ago

4 hours ago
Itsntime to ram your rod

4 hours ago
"Face humper"

4 hours ago
Thumbnail = Resedent Evil 7 BoihaRedfield

5 hours ago
Whose watching this at 2018 cuz i think im alone :/

6 hours ago
It's a fricken head humper... Lmfao.

6 hours ago
HAPPY 2018

6 hours ago
Finally! Didn't know how long it actually was until Spring 2017!

8 hours ago
Poods: Save station, gotta load to the save station....

8 hours ago
Is it just me or is the audio a little off? It's probably the lip syncing

9 hours ago
MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 2007!!!!!!!!!!!

10 hours ago
Ethan got it real easy ahahha lol

10 hours ago
when matk said i gotta get drugs,,,I died...!!

11 hours ago
Hey headcrabs from hl2

11 hours ago
Boop superjuice

13 hours ago
Today I learned that “automagically” was a word. Thank you Mark.

16 hours ago
Them monsters dumb thicc tho

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