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Smart comedian DESTROY Feminism with FACTS
   50 Stars
  Published: 2 months ago


Smart comedian DESTROY Feminism with FACTS

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20 minutes ago
sounds like a psycho republican who cant get a date

23 minutes ago
Best part about this video was the ad for fimanist rights

37 minutes ago
It's the Champagne of Victories!

1 hour ago
so true, we are actually being condescending to women when we say stupid shit to them about how amazing they are!

3 hours ago
Fucking cancerous cunt with your high volume outro, kill yourself.

5 hours ago
the reason women not equal to men is because God made it this way after Eve killed Adam

5 hours ago
All women on the planet gets support and supports other women. And they want support from men too. So men loose every time you get involved with a women.

6 hours ago
Ol' Billy Red Nuts

8 hours ago

8 hours ago
Bill Burr, you are the greatest comedian.

9 hours ago
Thid is so messed up!!!!!!

9 hours ago
Men who blatantly hit women suck, and those who do that need to be hit just as hard but in the nuts so they can't breed and make more abusive people.

12 hours ago
You're absolutely right because men have had the world in the palm of their hands for thousands of centuries and all they've done is bugger shit up! Clearly that is the most difficult job out. lmao

12 hours ago
Wanna see a Rihanna reaction video to this. 😄🙈

12 hours ago
"E V E R Y. D A Y."

13 hours ago
A woman’s life is hard. We have to deal with children and giving birth to them and assault and periods and now this. Having to deal with a bunch of sh*t and not having any respect or anything for everything that you do might piss us off just a little bit

13 hours ago
Guarantee that the people who disliked this video just saw the video title and clicked just to dislike

14 hours ago

15 hours ago
He was in Breaking Bad wasn’t he?

16 hours ago
"Nobody corrects them because they want to fuck them" sadly that is FACTS. Be stronger MEN, jerk off before you argue with a feminist.

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