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China Pulls Out All the Stops for Trump: The Daily Show
   The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
  Published: 1 week ago


Despite Donald Trump's tough talk on China in the past, the president changes his tune after the country rolls out the red carpet for his visit.

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8 hours ago
Whahaha Trumpy is too much...Was he binge watching The Bachelor episodes in AF-1 on his way to China?

12 hours ago
We're all laughing now but when Trump turns out to be an extremely evil and calculating person who is playing dumb we will be sorry.

Really hope this joke doesn't become reality.

17 hours ago
Uh oh his russian mistress will be jelly

18 hours ago
Last week, under pressure from Trump, China banned all tourism to N. Korea.
Trump also ordered that any bank, even Chinese, that does business with N. Korea will be banned from US business.

23 hours ago
Our sleazy President. The many videos prove he's a pig.
On Lindsay Lohan: "I've seen her chest. The deeply deeply troubled girls are always the best in bed. Unbelievable Not for the long term though."

24 hours ago
"That was the first time I miss apartheid"

1 day ago

1 day ago
I think it's pretty funny how 99% of the people on the left are self absorbed, fake know it all, pompous dickheads, that are the first to question a person's IQ for thinking a little differently than themselves, all while claiming they're open/accepting. Yet they cling to every word of shithead, hacks like Trevor Noah. You people honestly believe this show is a trustworthy news source. The host is an ex soap star from South Africa, turned shitty stand up comedian, exploiting all the benefits of capitalism, and freedoms of our country. And most of you fucking idiot's think he's legit simply cuz he's black and has a sophisticated sounding accent. This dude is one of the worst comedians I've ever seen, he's a fucking hack!

2 days ago
that's where all the women are .

2 days ago
one day you will be the Xmen X.

2 days ago
Much better than Obamas welcome to china. At least trump had stairs to walk down.

2 days ago
Ok, I am not a supporter of Trump but come on the Daily Show. This shit is stupid to say the least. The 3 biggest world powers (US-China-Russia) getting along is good for the world peace. WTF. Let Trump of the hook for this part.

2 days ago
This guy is not funny

2 days ago
I went back and watched the video of Obama's "welcome" to China during the G20 summit.  China went out of their way to give a big ceremonial welcome to 19 of the 20, but then when Obama comes it they didn't even give him the red carpet! It was humiliating to watch.  I don't like for any of our presidents to be treated like that.

2 days ago
This is racist

2 days ago

2 days ago

2 days ago
I'm just glad US is getting along with China.

2 days ago
Did you guys really think Trump is so easy to be tricked just by a treat like that?

2 days ago
If you don't fall asleep at a Chinese Opera you are likely on meth.

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