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Launch of Worlds Largest Rocket Delta IV Heavy with NROL-37
   Space Videos
  Published: 2 years ago


The worlds currently largest rocket active has successfully launched with the top secret NROL-37 payload for the United States. The Delta IV Heavy launched from Space Launch Complex 37B at 17:51 UTC, June 11th 2016. This was the 32nd Delta IV launch, and the 9th Delta IV Heavy launch. Show more

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2 hours ago
The birdie finger rocket

7 hours ago
The Saturn V is the largest but it used a mixture of kerosene and liquid oxygen for the first stage then it used liquid hydrogen and oxygen for the 2nd and 3rd stage. The Saturn's first stage burned 20 tons TONS of fuel each second. The Delta may be big but not the biggest.

22 hours ago
Where can I get a gross of these bottle rockets? Is it still buy one get two free?

1 day ago
Damn! That looks like something out Star Wars!

1 day ago
This rocket fly directly to the ocean. No space no satellite no thing its all a hoax

2 days ago
my car gets about 25 miles per gallon...this thing uses enough fuel to fill my 40 foot, built-in swimming pool every 1/2 mile. I wonder if it has to pass smog check. prolly exempt

2 days ago
Seems like a bit of a waste.

2 days ago
Welcome to movie Magic.

2 days ago
Notice the curve because we are in a dome dorks.

2 days ago
I know what it does they are working on the Sun Simulator before it's lights out. You will find out once you look ask Germany about it.Nasa and Germany are the same thing.

3 days ago
where are the Chemtrail trolls? I think I see some huge chemtrails at around at 2 minuten mark, lol.

4 days ago

5 days ago

7 days ago
We REALLY need to travel beyond the moon with a manned mission.

7 days ago
So much power.....LOVE it!!!!

7 days ago
real time visualisation :D

7 days ago
That dudes voice at 0:15

1 week ago
is it just me or does it look like it's flipping you off?

1 week ago
They give you a show for a rocket and you give them your money in return. Till when.... it’s in the hand of US citizens.
Rocket can only push when there air behind it, no air no push. Simple. You don’t need to be genius...

1 week ago

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