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Marvel Studios 10 Years Sweepstakes!
   Marvel Entertainment
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Join Marvel Studios yearlong 10th anniversary celebration & enter the Ultimate Fan sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to the Avengers: Infinity War premiere, Captain Marvel set visit and more! See official rules to find out how:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 hours ago
So sad I can't enter😭😭 You have to be from USA or Canada to enter😭😭 I'm from South Africa🇿🇦😔

10 hours ago
I looked at the competition for the 10 years thing and you HAVE to be in the United States. I am really disappointed as I live in Australia and there isn't many of these kind of competitions but there are thousands of MARVEL fans.
All of these really cool conventions and competitions are always in America, why can't people think of other people in different countries and include them too. Do you know how many of conventions we get here in Sydney. One. And that's Supanova. Don't get me wrong Supanova is cool and amazing but we don't get special competitions like this and we don't get special film trailer releases. When I went to New York for a holiday I saw the lines for Comic con and I heard that Stan Lee was there. STAN LEE. He's better than the celebrities we got at Supanova and we had good ones like Thomas F.Wilson who was Biff in Back to the Future. I just would like there to be competitions like this in the land down under. I mean seriously Chris Hemsworth is Australian and He's Thor

18 hours ago
First ten years there's gonna be more ten years

3 days ago
Has there been a winner yet?

3 days ago
Who's gonna be a potential winner cuz I'm so excited

3 days ago
0:24 so I assume Thanos is successful in getting 4 stones in infinity war. Awessssooommmee. 😍😍

3 days ago
we know one thing, Thanos will own 4 stones :D Thank You Marvel!

4 days ago

4 days ago
FIRST 10 years , sure says confidence in there brand, hey with a franchise that has grossed $13 BILLION DOLLARS how can you not be confident, even if Avengers Infinity War flops, and we all know it won't , it won't matter. that's how big the MCU has gotten and it's about to get even bigger

4 days ago
"Your Passion is what made this all Possible"

Um........... Well Close enough.

4 days ago
Mais anos virão e a maravilha continuará a dominar

4 days ago
Ten years of amazing experiences..... And yet more to come.... But we want Iron man!!!!!!!

4 days ago
I love marvel

4 days ago
Elizabeth Olsen training (Scarlet Witch VS Corvus Glaive or Proxima Midnight)
omfg!!! Black Panther was awesome btw! another HUGE WIN for MCU!!

5 days ago
who is the person at 0:36

5 days ago

Iron Man: Really Good!
Incredible Hulk: Better than Aang Lees version
Iron Man 2: Not that Good, but Fun!
Thor: Great Movie!
Captain America: the First Avenger: also Really Good!
the Avengers: one of the Best MCU Films!
Thor: the Dark World: Not as good as Thor one
Iron Man 3: also Not the Good, but Fun!
Captain America: the Winter Soldier: pretty much as Good as the First film.
Guardians of the Galaxy: Also One of my Favorites!
Avengers: Age of Ultron: it's Good, but Ulton kinda sucked, and that "Language" Joke definitely Got on my Nerves!
Ant-Man: One of the Funniest Superhero Movies!
Captain America: Civil War: Another one of my Favs!
Doctor Stranger: Pretty Good...
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: Honestly,'s my LEAST Favorite Marvel movie. :-(
Spiderman Homecoming: Eh. it's fine.
Thor Ragnarok: Jeff Goldblum..........Enough Said :-)

5 days ago
i m so unlucky that... even tried to...
cz i know it will never work

5 days ago
Happy birthday

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