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   Power Vision
  Published: 1 month ago


Welcome to Power Vision. Life Hacks, Tricks, Experiments and More!
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1 month ago
Hi guys ;)

5 hours ago
Why... ever... would you ever do that coke/gilette formula?

6 hours ago
I can now make a pocket pussy...thank you i guess lol

10 hours ago
non of this is useful

11 hours ago
The only one it liked was the yoyoyooyo one

12 hours ago
Too much time on ur hands buddy!!

13 hours ago
And my dog was 13 and he couldn’t walk my dad carried him into the vets and we left with no dog

13 hours ago
I don't know if u knew this but the edge of a cut can is sharp asfff😂😭💀💯

15 hours ago
Should the second To last be a pocket pussy 😂😂😂

15 hours ago
он чо русский

16 hours ago
da li si srbin

17 hours ago
que bosta inutil

17 hours ago

17 hours ago
It not awesome

17 hours ago
Last Life Hack very dangerous... they would have MADE those lighters like that if it was safe. Why they made that button is cuz when its pressed very easily flammable gasses come out and when the metal is spun the are lit by the spark or fire created from the spin of the metal part. if it's kept like that for long 2 disadvantages will be there which are ur lighter will go empty fast. u will need to buy new lighters a lot. and the other one is that if u let this happen in ur house any flame spark or others can light up the gasses that are being released from holding that button which is dangerous since thing could catch on fire creating a bigger one that makes other bigger thing's catch on fire. if this happens over night it could light ur whole house on fire.

18 hours ago
Are you greek????

20 hours ago
sto video fa più schifo di te

20 hours ago
Music name?

20 hours ago
the first one with the coke bottle is retarded as if you would be aloud to bring a bottle of coke in to a test

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