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🇺🇬 Is Uganda a paradise for refugees? | The Stream
   Al Jazeera English
  Published: 6 days ago


According to many recent and glowing headlines, Uganda is a paradise for refugees.

On paper, it certainly has some of the most liberal policies in the world. Refugees can work and move freely around the country. Many of their children can access education. And they are even given a small plot of land on which to live and grow food, and the basic materials needed to build a house.

But some critics say the rapturous headlines may obscure a less than perfect reality and discourage much-needed funding for the more than one million refugees in Uganda, even as more pour in.

Others suggest the good news story helps burnish the reputation of a government with an often criticised human rights record.

Now, a corruption scandal has further complicated the picture.

The Stream talks to a panel of experts and goes beyond the headlines to find out where the truth lies, what can be done to help Uganda cope with its huge refugee population, and what lessons other countries can learn - good and bad - from its experience.

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2 days ago
I really liked a girl from Uganda but she must have been screwed over by men in the past because she thought I was some type of cheat when I haven't even had a real girlfriend in my life.

2 days ago
Great discussion. Greedy corrupt people are everywhere. I am not surprised that they infiltrated this wonderful humanitarian venture. Thank you Uganda.

3 days ago
uganda is a good place but respect and coparation is needed to work togather

4 days ago
Ugandan's are no doubt some of the most hospitable people in the world, however the world should not let these colorful headlines make anyone complacent to the plight of refugees. The refugee problem is a global problem and Uganda should be supported to help these people have the best out of their lives too....... This earth is rich and enough for everyone

5 days ago
I love you ladies 😍

5 days ago
They know da wae.

5 days ago
Museveni is a nice man. I remember when the Westerners tried to bully him because of the anti-gay bill. He was not intimidated and signed the law, true defender of his people. Plus, he is very kind to refugees. But somehow, some find a way to call him a dictator

6 days ago
Take the 600.000 haitians who have invaded my beautiful country, Chile. We don't want them.

6 days ago
Good, Maybe the European Union can send all the asylum seekers causing trouble there.

6 days ago
Dey must hav princess, dey noe da wey

6 days ago
Its really bad if people come and kill your neighbor with machetes

6 days ago
They do not know DE WEY!!

6 days ago
Yes my motherland welcomes everyone with one heart we are good and loving people

6 days ago
I respect Uganda for taking them in their country. I hope to be a volunteer there to help them. I hope the Swedish government helps them and bring them here.

6 days ago
Well, here's the answer. All those refugees/ economic migrants, on Manus island who fear transition into the local community, because the papuans are too wild for their taste. Tell them all what a paradise Uganda is, and give them all one way tickets.

6 days ago
So the corruption is not money it's giving food to the wrong person and the way these people are talking as though they government of Uganda has stolen millions of dollars this is some BS what are they trying to do discourage the Ugandan government from treating African refugees fairly this makes no sense at all

6 days ago
Whites always causing confession instead of reporting BS he should do a story on how to raise money and awareness and need for filters

6 days ago
Ugandans kno de wae

6 days ago
It is the Ugandan belligerent government that is in fact partly responsible for the refugee crisis in all these countries. The hosting of all these refugees has never been on humanitarian grounds but rather what comes with it.

6 days ago
Uganda paradise for refugees!!! What drugs are you on!!!!! This country should be wiped off the face of the earth bunch of mass murdering thugs the citizens of Uganda are!!! Someday a Gay-Albino freedom fighter will launch a hydrogen bomb and vaporize Uganda off the face of the earth and the world will be so happy!!! This is the country that gave the world IDI AMIN!!!

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