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Astronauts tripping on the surface of the Moon HD
  Published: 4 years ago


Taken from the movie: For All Mankind (1989) -
Music by Brian Eno -
This movie documents the Apollo missions perhaps the most definitively of any movie under two hours. Al Reinert watched all the footage shot during the missions--over 6,000,000 feet of it, and picked out the best. Instead of being a newsy, fact-filled documentary. Reinart focuses on the human aspects of the space flights. The only voices heard in the film are the voices of the astronauts and mission control. Reinart uses the astronaunts' own words from interviews and from the mission footage. The score by Brian Eno underscores the strangeness, wonder, and and beauty of the astronauts' experiences--experiences which they were privileged to have for a first time "for all mankind."
Jim Lovell, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Russell Schweickart, Eugene Cernan, Charles Conrad, Richard Gordon, Alan Bean, Jack Swigert, Kenneth Mattingly, Charles Duke, Stephen Bales, Frank Borman, Walter Cunningham, Ron Evans, Lyndon Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Joe Kerwin.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

5 hours ago
Fake. But nice try

6 hours ago
I love how there just hopping about

13 hours ago
I'm watching this cuz, I think I may be two

14 hours ago
These astronauts are cringy

15 hours ago
Is this an overdub

16 hours ago
Im dieïn😂😂😂😂

19 hours ago
Who else clicked to watch astronauts getting hi on the moon

22 hours ago
They're like Pochong... ghost from malay world...

1 day ago
My dumb ass thought they were tripping on a drug called moon

1 day ago
this realy does go wel with the Mario 2 theme

1 day ago
0:32 Moonbase Alpha in a fucking nutshell.

1 day ago
That must've been a good shiy

1 day ago
and than he fell on a rock, broke his helmet and did a Arnold Schwarzenegger mars scene

1 day ago
and the entire world got fooled

1 day ago
Was this CNN footage? Because it's fake.

2 days ago
So fake

2 days ago
Amazing footage.

2 days ago
I was halfway expecting they would've been using acid in this video

2 days ago
00:58 the ship is made out of legos. 😂😂😂

2 days ago
There's no stars in the background. 🖕👎 Fake.

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