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Nathan For You - Dating Website
   Comedy Central
  Published: 3 years ago


Nathan demonstrates a security service that would allay women's fears of being murdered on a first date.

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1 day ago
Omg first line and I'm already dead

5 days ago
People who are saying its fake. Why? What do they gain? It would be a huge embarrassment if they were found out. The additional costs for no reason. Ad what is the point of hiring actors when messing with actual people is so much funnier.

6 days ago

1 week ago
the best series ever

2 weeks ago
I love how he just cons the businessman into supporting him.

3 weeks ago
65% man 35% women = Nathan fielder.

4 weeks ago
sounds like the big daddy's from bioshock

1 month ago
Chicks talking about building 7. Marriage material right there, holy cow.

1 month ago
Wtf 9/11 on a first date?!?
The guy needs a daddy to watch over him

1 month ago
" I'm going to tuck you in"

1 month ago
Edgy brah would Apprrciate this woman

1 month ago
Stanhope said this show was funny so I came to see... yup he was right.

2 months ago
So Mark really knows where Polly lives now?

2 months ago
A 9-11 conspiracy theorist who refers to the pentagon as “building number 7.” She’s a keeper...

2 months ago
I dont think molly felt safe

2 months ago
nathan in a burqa was alright, but why the kebab music

2 months ago
Those long haired angels are a prized to be won.

2 months ago
Mark seems like a meth head hahahaga

2 months ago
Lmaoooo those long haired angels

2 months ago
“Kevin loved my idea”

Lost it

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