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Remembering John Young - STS-1 : First Shuttle Flight: A Remarkable Flying Machine 1981
   Space Videos
  Published: 2 weeks ago


April 12th 1981 and Space Shuttle Columbia is launched and this film records that historic flight.

Columbia launch on the 12th April and returned to Earth two days later after orbiting the planet 37 times.

The footage highlights liftoff, the onboard activities of astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen, as well as the landing in Rogers Dry Lake bed in California.

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Music by Keving Macleod
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Comments Directly on YouTube

11 hours ago
Rest easy spaceman, rest easy John young...spaceman

2 days ago
"ejection seats" what a pity they weren't deployed in the fatal incident. I didn't even know they had any...

3 days ago
Launched on my birthday....thank you John for the BEST birthday present EVER!

4 days ago
R.I.P John Young.

4 days ago
I remember watching the Young/Crippen launch when our teacher wheeled a TV into the classroom. I have a John Young GI Joe I bought in 1998. It's on my shelf now in full pressure suit. Faster, higher John. Rest In Peace.

5 days ago
God speed cool john.....remember that corned beef sandwich incident lol never ever been forgotten. Now with Apollo 1, STS 51 L and STS-107 as its best....thank you for those conferences and sense of humor.

5 days ago
It is so tragic that Columbia met such a violent end

5 days ago
Thank You John Young. The world is a better place thanks to hero's like you... You are a legend.

5 days ago
another personal Hero passes on. Fair Winds and Following Seas John Young.

6 days ago
01/31/2003 was Columbia last ever last full day in space.

6 days ago
I was in high school when they launched.
Different days indeed.
Thank You sir.

6 days ago
I was not at Kennedy for this launch. I was there for STS-2 and 5. These launches were the loudest and most powerful things I have ever witnessed. I was 15 when STS-2 was launched and still remember it to this day.

6 days ago
wow cant get enough of space launch videos.
What can you say about such a man John young simply amazing. god speed.

6 days ago
John Young had "The Right Stuff"

7 days ago
I think some jets in a future gonna flight in a close space to the Earth. SR-71 looks cool for it, like SR-71 or something like that. They are flying already, but they may fly even higher in a future instead of a dangerous huge rockets, huge investments.

1 week ago
Remember watching this live back in the day. I was so excited as a 6 year old. God Bless You John RIP and well done to Crip on his first flight. I think the Shuttle looks better White but I guess all that unnecessary paint adds weight that could be used for a larger Payload. I was obsessed with the Shuttle and I still am. Guess it was my generations Apollo. I often wondered if they could of put extra fuel tanks in the Cargo Bay could the Shuttle of gone round the Moon? I guess it just wasn't powerful enough.

1 week ago of the most dedicated men NASA had as an astronaut for space exploration. He's now "in the Heavens" with some of the other best space pilots the U.S. has had.
R.I.P. astronaut, John Young.

1 week ago
Yes, Space Shuttle was a really sophisticated flying machine! Best of the best! Unlike Mercury, Gemini and even Apollo! They were all expendable metal boxes! * I especially like STS-1 & STS-2 launches, when External Tank was painted white! Good missions both! * Rest in peace, John Young! Great man! One of the last hardcore astronauts!!!

1 week ago
Combustível fóssil ainda? Mais tecnologia de propulsão.

1 week ago
We never went to the moon.

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