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People Guess The Prices Of Pokemon Cards
  Published: 3 weeks ago


You guys I can get rich quick.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 hours ago
man I feel old in my 30s.. damn memory.haha

5 hours ago
Pokemon means life

9 hours ago
How did that guy ever get a 9 base edition shadowless charizard in his shop? If it was 10, it wouldve sold for an extra $20,000

9 hours ago
Who sell a pokemon card for 500$?!

17 hours ago
I shoulda kept em all

1 day ago
Pasadena, California? Say hello to my boy sheldon..

1 day ago
why did he need to specificy Asian wedding

1 day ago
I got the charizards right for price and order im a geek

2 days ago
These prices are so wrong it's laughable

2 days ago
Watch this 3:38

2 days ago
Watch this 3:80

2 days ago
Watch this 3.80

2 days ago
What annoyed me is they didn't notice that the 1999 cards were shadowless

2 days ago
You dont know the real prices

2 days ago
The girls logic is: "it's shiny, so it must be worth more"

2 days ago
adults can like pokemon too you silly man

2 days ago
I gave ALL my pokemon cards to my cousin. I can see he is rich now...

3 days ago
I swear the black guy in this looks like he could be F. Gary Gray's son..

3 days ago
And then Magic the Gathering is like "Hold my beer."

3 days ago
there's a graded 10 chairzard but there's only one in the world.

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