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Bill Burr - Maintaining a Healthy Level of Awareness - The Jim Jefferies Show
   Comedy Central
  Published: 2 months ago


Comedian Bill Burr unravels the worst parts of the internet and shares what worries him most about the future of technology.

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2 hours ago
The first 2 minutes is them bashing the west then bill asked "What happened to white people's self-esteem" hmmmm i wonder.

Anyone who thinks white people have more blood on there hands than any other race has a fundamental misunderstanding of history and human nature.

Oh and everyone is so horrible on the internet because we are not allowed to be anything but nice in real life.

6 hours ago
bill burr patrice and Louie GOAT

7 hours ago
Jim Jefferies and Bill Burr .. Power House.

11 hours ago
We are seriously missing the south east Asian input on T.V. They were a big part of me growing up in movies, but I know they're coming. I wish Russel Peters had something.

12 hours ago
Jefferies is a fucking tit, Bill Burrs a ledgend.

14 hours ago
His name is Jeff

14 hours ago
The Internet is how I ran into ( Bill Burr) guys , Internet is great !!!!
That and porn :-) !!!
Jim Jeffreys nice plug with the sign in your hands and the 3 on the wall (great marketing! !!)

14 hours ago
Jim Jefferies turns into a SJW fucktard and gets a talk show....go figure lol

20 hours ago
Finally a honest and funny interview. No stupid games, no scripted shit and no censorship. Love it

1 day ago
Bill is is a master of wading through the bullshit, and Comedy Central is nothing but bullshit.

1 day ago
"Where do you get the news?" "People correcting me on twitter.".
Fucking Genius.

1 day ago
These guys are a lot alike. I love them both.

1 day ago
real talk

2 days ago
Jim Jeffries can't stop saying "arguably"

2 days ago
Please don't click me name ..

2 days ago
I love these 2 guys. I’ve always loved watching their stand up

2 days ago
God damn, I love Bill Burr.

2 days ago
Before watching this clip I liked both of these guys. Now I think they should just fuck off to the porch swing and chase kids off the lawn.

2 days ago
Jim: Where do you get your news from?
Bill: People correcting me on twitter.

2 days ago
Who the hell is jeff Jeffery

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