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Bill Burr - Maintaining a Healthy Level of Awareness - The Jim Jefferies Show
   Comedy Central
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Comedian Bill Burr unravels the worst parts of the internet and shares what worries him most about the future of technology.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

27 minutes ago
For confirmation of things said in video scroll down..

3 hours ago
If you honestly think white people are "under attack", you're just an asshole. If you honestly perceive "racism" in every single god damn thing you see, you're also an asshole.

This might come as a shock to many of you, but you DON'T have to completely align 100% with every single aspect of a particular side. Crazy, right?

You can support tighter border control to prevent illegal immigration, AND see that minorities tend to be treated unfairly by the police and court systems.

You can support gay people along with marriage equality, AND still be uncomfortable with the concept of transsexualism. All at the same time!

4 hours ago
I would do anything to have a beer with these two guys.

4 hours ago
these two together is Epic!

6 hours ago
14:13 Bill hits 'em with some American economic logic.

7 hours ago
It must be hard for Bill Burr realizing he became an Alt-Right icon without knowing...
I was watching some non-PC comedy, Youtube Auto-Play threw me into Bill Burr... then into some edgy "Trump comeback compilations" and for the time I came back from the shower "Cultural Marxism" and "The End of the White Race" were among my Recommended Videos :T

7 hours ago
The moment i saw billy boys face with jim jeffries show, i just had to click. These two are my favorites

8 hours ago
Hey I'm white, you're white. Let's dance!

9 hours ago
Bill burr is Irish

9 hours ago
Burr may not be right wing, but he's not a brainwashed lefty like cuck boy over there.

12 hours ago
Two of my favorite comedy hero's! :D

12 hours ago
The American dream came in a great time of strife.. America was the grounds for everyone, and it still is.. Europe you can go broke and you're fucked.. America you can always get back on top

12 hours ago
They needed to keep those talking for quite a bit longer!
That's the first I heard Bill had a kid...Congrats Bill!

13 hours ago
If George Carlin was around he would say you look like a freshly circumcised dick lol.

15 hours ago
does anybody know what chimp doc bill was referring to?

22 hours ago
only wizards own money

22 hours ago
Treated my boy better than Colbert did. Jim's good people.

23 hours ago
It was more of a finger warming story

24 hours ago
I see a lot of red-pill neo-nazi dumbshits commenting on ol' Billy's videos about how great he is and they don't realize his wife is black and a really cool person.

1 day ago
Two of my favorite comedians

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