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Bill Burr - Maintaining a Healthy Level of Awareness - The Jim Jefferies Show
   Comedy Central
  Published: 4 months ago


Comedian Bill Burr unravels the worst parts of the internet and shares what worries him most about the future of technology.

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3 hours ago
Nice shoes Billy boy! 👍

4 hours ago
Trevor Noah Sucks large Black Cocks

10 hours ago
Bill nailed it about liberals.

1 day ago
The level of Self-Hating white guilt Cuckery is getting mildly uncomfortable.

2 days ago
"I dont have anything exotic just *insert white ethnicities*." I fucking hate people like that. Like being white means nothing. Bill Burr straightened him out fortunately.

2 days ago
Not all white countries had colonies. Say, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth or Austro-Hungarian Empire. Or Russian Empire for that matter. Sweden when it ruled the Baltic Sea. Just because Portugal, Spain, France, England had them and very late in the game Germany and Italy also had colonies that does not mean all white countries did that. I just listed some of the biggest contiguous white countries that did not. They just mostly screwed up other white people.

2 days ago
Regarding the "American Dream" - to quote a german cabarettist:

"...the thing is: anybody can get rich, but not everybody !"

3 days ago
I don't like Bill Bur he comments on politics and world issues yet he doesn't have the knowledge to back it up. Do your research before talking about important issues people listen to you and you are giving them the wrong information. That's the problem with social media today. Too much misinformation going around we don't need anymore.

3 days ago
i love this man. Also if i can take it from you, you dont deserve it

3 days ago
I find myself being pleasantly entertained by two people who seem to have natural rapport and chemistry. Oddly enough, when I was first introduced to both of them, it was in an adversary type of state, I blame the uploader for that, some of my first exposure to both of these comedians at all was in a VS. thoughts on guns, and I never thought the two would see themselves in a talk show together. You can tell they have different styles, but they both respect each other and I think their honesty just shines through in this interview. I remember also that Bill was especially polite about Jeffries behind the scenes, way back before this interview even happened, when not wanting to refer to Jeffries by name on a podcast when he was on the issue of canceled Netflix shows. Quality fuck, and I think Jeffries has enough sense to know that this guy is just a comedian, but also another human being. Great seeing these two together on screen.

3 days ago
This is like the Chris Tucker/Jackie Chan dynamic of White people

3 days ago
He's gonna have manners that little cunt lmfao

4 days ago
This two guys are funny! One of the better interviewers I've seen with Burr!

4 days ago
Hey this jim Jefferies fella is pretty dam funny ya know

4 days ago
Bill "the bankers" Burr

4 days ago

5 days ago
These two need to fo more shit together

5 days ago
11:20 See the expression's on Jim's face when Bill begins describing these ultra liberal bullies patting themselves for labeling anyone who holds opposing views. I believe Jim is slowly becoming a part of the bully liberal club, who think they have a monopoly over thought. I used to like Jim and his politically incorrect jokes. But times have changed.

7 days ago
I wanna go get drunk to a pub with this two.

1 week ago
The more of these cunts, the better.

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