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An Even "Specialer" Prosecutor to Stop Robert Mueller - The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper
   Comedy Central
  Published: 1 week ago


Jordan delves into Robert Mueller's shadowy background before the special counsel's attempted coup has a chance to become a reality.

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The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper airs weeknights at 11:30/10:30c on Comedy Central.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

7 hours ago
#MullerDirt Muller is Ness from Earthbound, who is also Sans from Undertale

11 hours ago
Wait, you're encouraging people to actually troll?

17 hours ago
A coup nah matatta? Don't worry.

22 hours ago
Crap are you tall.

1 day ago
we may have now proof, we MAY? we could have, COULD HAVE? and if that´s true , IF THATS TRUE? ..... :(

1 day ago
His name is Mueller. That is the German name Müller, turned into the english version because ü turns into ue if you dont use ü.

He is a german.

2 days ago
you idiot it's cooooooo
another thing it's not Frankenstein it's an AI from Hilary's server that will rule all of you
#muellerdirt he is obviously from bellator it's mueller time

2 days ago
Very Colbert Report'esque. More.

2 days ago
That longer hair rubber face really ruins the thing you're going for. He's not stereotypical alt-right AT ALL!

3 days ago
It's a bit too obviously parodic, maybe even compared to Colbert Report, even more so with "the Onion", sounding sometimes just like sheer, blatant sarcasm, that would be used in non-parody news-comedy shows. But after Trump was elected, this is arguably a necessity, since things that stuff Trump does and says are already barely distinguishable from parody. But I think it could be rather funny to have fans of Alex Jones and Breitbart sometimes not getting it's a parody and tweeting around stuff from parodies. Like sometimes it actually happened with The Onion, even from people in the government itself, I vaguely recall.

4 days ago
"A guess is a fact that hasn't been born yet"! fucking priceless! lmfao

5 days ago
Mueller is the illegitimate lovechild of Integrity and Justice. #MuellerDirt

5 days ago
A buddy of mine saw Robert Muller take his shirt off in the shower. He said that he has an 8-pack. That Muller is shredded #MuellerDirt

5 days ago
this show isn't funny

5 days ago
#mullerdirt he is justice in a suit

6 days ago
potential beam create integrate Latin Soviet infection garbage grab.

6 days ago
Eh terrible show

6 days ago
Mueller is a Nazi Gestapu sent to the future to end Bayern Mnuchin era. Make Thomas Mueller Great Again! #muellerdirt

6 days ago
Jordan, you are a special talent with an insightful gift for satirical comedy. Keep blowing up, keep promoting the talent on your team. Keep making us laugh and learn and laugh more.

6 days ago
I love how he purposely left the tag showing.

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