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3 Simple Life Hacks
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Alan Walker - Force [NCS Release]
Alan Walker

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4 hours ago
This is crazy what You do, but that's why I sub Your channel.
What was that, what You draw your hand on?

2 days ago
in 0:35 he got cut

2 days ago
Well That Lighter life Hack is USeless

2 days ago
Why are u Trying to make a Fidget Spinner out of a roll tape? xD

2 days ago
Number 2
But why....

2 days ago
The glue gloves are the dumbest thing Iv ever seen.

4 days ago
he says simple but i'm like uhhhhhhhhhhhhh

5 days ago
the gloves are utterly pointless and waste of time of even making them

5 days ago
Those gloves are retarded

6 days ago
Must buy subs

6 days ago

6 days ago
no se si soy el unico que habla español aqui pero estoy feliz de que no me entiendan

7 days ago
i feel like if you cut the top of your hand with an exacto knife, you shouldn't be using them much less wasting all that hot glue making makeshift gloves

7 days ago
Ffs how was that last one even a life hack, it was more time, effort and money consuming thing you could do if you needed gloves. It also provides no protection apart from a very gentle cutting action with no force applied, it wouldnt keep your hands warm or anything.

7 days ago
these hacks don't seem like hacks

1 week ago
running out of ideas...

1 week ago
These aren't simple, nor are they life hacks. You're just making things

1 week ago
does it matter what kind of metal wire you use for #2?

1 week ago
That Glove is amazing

1 week ago
Alright, so I'm really high, and that third one just wigged me cause like tf do you want hot glue gloves for? That would've taken fuckin ages too, this guy just REAAAAALLLLLLLY likes glue

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