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Falcons vs. Eagles | NFL Divisional Round Game Highlights
  Published: 5 days ago


The Atlanta Falcons take on the Philadelphia Eagles during the Divisional Round of the 2017 NFL Postseason.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
Eagles vs Vikings next

3 hours ago
Wow the Vikings are gonna destroy the eagles...🦅

4 hours ago
I truly feel sorry for Arthur Blank and his wife, they need not to come down on field. They both seems to Jinx their team at the SB and divisional playoff stay in the Owner's Box.

6 hours ago
from a cowboys fan, eagles y'all did hella good this year, i aint gonna lie and i give y'all props for it, and surprisingly, y'all made it to the Conference Championship, one more game left, i wish y'all good luck to making it to the super bowl!

15 hours ago
It's going to be the Patriots vs. Vikings, with the Vikings winning the Super Bowl

17 hours ago
Eagles, we just need to work on our pass defense and Foles just needs to get his passes a little tighter. I know he/we can do it.

18 hours ago
after all of those super human receptions over the years and julio clapped that pass. eagles dodged a bullet like the matrix. oh well, looks like super bowl 6 for my boys.

18 hours ago
Foles is terrible

18 hours ago
Atlanta were paid off to throw this game.

18 hours ago
This is the year of the back up quarter backs.

21 hours ago
As a lions fan, I finally feel relieved that the Falcons lost.

21 hours ago
Vikings will embarrass the eagles

1 day ago
The very last play I was so nervous after that I was s exited #flyeaglesfly

1 day ago
Eagle is the strongest bird, Falcon can't beat a Eagle . By the way Atl is better city than Philly.

1 day ago
Watching this as a Vikings fan, I'm not too worried about these 6 yard passes. Our linebackers might even be able to pick one.

1 day ago
Philly is hype af tho :P

1 day ago
falcons are terrible

1 day ago
The Falcons owner need to give their fans FREE tickets next season after losing the playoffs. $1.6 billion on a new stadium for two time Super Bowl losers.

1 day ago
who is nick foles

1 day ago
I said this when Buffalo went into ATL early in the year and held them to 16 , Shanahan was their biggest loss

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