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Bad Neighbors JukinVideo Vault || JukinVideo Vault
  Published: 5 months ago


They say you should love thy neighbor, the person who said that didn't have these ding dongs as neighbor. We have neighbors crashing into cars, pumpkin thieves, and of course the potty mouth neighbor that has nothing nice to say. So kick back, relax, and be grateful none of these people are your neighbor.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 month ago
The kid got me. Man he really wanted to pet those titti- Kitties.

3 months ago
What's going on with this community? I think I don't look at the comments here anymore - under every single video the most I read "Mimimi it's to loud, I know the third clip already, I'm not amused by this, I'm not amused by that..." cmon, this is free entertainment! If you don't like it you don't have to watch it. What's the problem with that? But like I said, I just don't read these comments and enjoy the videos of Jukin, cause that's what I am here for.

4 months ago
Nothing pisses me off more than neighbors who let their fucktard dogs shit on your lawn
I need to move to a state where I can shoot anyone who steps foot on my property

4 months ago
"you have no respect for yourself"


4 months ago
shut up the music it's fucking annoying can't here shit

5 months ago
I just see reasons why not to have white people as neighbors..

5 months ago
You suck dick for not uploading the blind folded knife game

5 months ago
I'm unsubscribing this video d annoying as fuck with the loud ass music

5 months ago
Anyone else getting weird audio

5 months ago
replay replays.....

5 months ago
Music is good but each video should be different.

5 months ago
Fuckin shit music shit vid just fuck off jukin you wankers

5 months ago
Ok JukinVideo, new rule. Don't let the intern handle the soundtrack...

5 months ago
The music is annoying as Fuck

5 months ago
237 wtf

5 months ago
This channel is committing suicide

5 months ago
Can I pet your titties?

5 months ago
0:45 funny hahahahaha😂😂😂

5 months ago
The way the music ended has left me dissatisfied

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