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Top 10 Ways to Drink Beer || JukinVideo Top Ten
  Published: 3 weeks ago


Sometimes, all you need is a good beer. Other times, you want to be as epic as possible while drinking said beer. Whether you're just looking to crack one open and kick back or you're ready for the party of your life, this week's Top Ten offers some excellent inspiration on how to knock that frosty one back.

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Original Links:
Guy Flips to Open Beer-
Beer Chugging Competition-
Guy Chugs Beer in Front of Parents-
Grandma Destroys Beer Bong-
Monkey Delivers Beer-
Synchronized Jet Ski Beer Chug-
Long Pour on the Go-Submitted
Secret Beer Cooler-
Dog Fetches Beer-

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 weeks ago
That last clip was it in New Zealand? Dunedin?

2 weeks ago
0:41 that guy has NO SOUL what so ever

2 weeks ago
Top ten ways to waste beer

2 weeks ago
those are not the ways you should consume beer

2 weeks ago
Hate to unsubscribe from this channel, but it appears it went a different direction in presenting its videos. I subbed this channel, because it didn't have music during its comps, but I guess it's time to find another channel. Felicia, out.

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
Stop the crap music seriously

3 weeks ago
Great, now they play shitty rock music now

3 weeks ago
Хрень. Достижение идиотов.

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
My Gramma can down more beers than your gramma!

3 weeks ago
1.49 Why? Just why.....?

3 weeks ago
Get rid of the fucking background music.

3 weeks ago
Top 10 ways to become an alcoholist.

3 weeks ago
* @ where we at currently:

3 weeks ago
Best way to drink beer is not to, It tastes like shit.

3 weeks ago
10 ways to die

3 weeks ago
1:15 your dog is ugly

3 weeks ago
Why people are so obsess with their fucking beer?

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