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Inside a Rocket From Take Off To Orbit (External Cameras) in HD
  Published: 9 years ago


Outside cameras gives you an Onboard Ride to Space. From Earth to Orbit in Under 4 mins Show more

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12 months ago
hello people, I have had lots of complaints that I'm putting up a bogus video. This video is for non profit, it's been uploaded for people who are interested in space exploration, rockets ect...
There is no CGI in this video I have no reason to pull wool over people's eyes, it is what it is. If you don't like it, don't watch it if you are interested then proceed.

8 hours ago
582 Flat earthers peed their diapers and cried after watching this. Then they covered their eyes, and started rocking back and forth while repeating "it's not real. I'm safe now"

10 hours ago
where is the rest of this video ha ha ha ha astronauts to the moon.

2 days ago
5 minutes only.... why nog the whole adventure... fake

2 days ago
I like how everybody thinks we know what the world looks like. The only people that truly know is NASA and other space programs. I would love a reply saying you have personally sent a rocket to space and have the video evidence. All ik is I believe Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. What is beyond our mine is not to be known, but it is to marvel in Gods creation and Glory. Don't let your mind be troubled by all these confusing debates. Let your heart be true to God and what you want to know will be revealed

2 days ago
Why can't you see any satellites in space if there are over 13,000?

2 days ago
I have a couple problems understanding space travel because the space travel community seems to contradict itself.

Satellites orbit our planet in the thermosphere where the temperatures are greater than the melting point for the materials used to create said satellites.

Astrophysicists and astronauts can't seem to agree on whether or not you can see stars from the space station or while traveling in space.

Apparently we made multiple trips through the Van Allen radiation belts from 1969 - 1972, but we no longer have the technology to do that.

We can control a rover on Mars and send and receive photos from deep space but we can't make a phone call from everywhere on our planet.

We also seem to have lost all the original data from mankind's greatest achievement, the moon landing.

There's more but I think I have stated enough here. These things don't add up. Please don't insult me, I'm just stating things that don't make sense. When you look at all the provided information it just doesn't add up, and no official explanation has ever been given for the discrepancies.

Mind you I have made no prognostication as to what I think happened or didn't happen. I'm simply using grammar, logic, and rhetoric to point out flaws.

3 days ago
This shit never went to space. thats why the video cuts off. where are the stars, space debris, AND WHY ISNT THE CAMERA FACING FORWARD???? Wake the fuck up ppl...

3 days ago
It almost looks real !

3 days ago
1:30 why, why would u do that, it was getting interesting, n the very next this said by the Commentator: AGAIN A BEAUTIFUL VIEW.
Very suspicious.
And also somehow video quality improved after the cut off.

3 days ago
Wow the CGI argument... Always the basis of all modern FE'ers... Go watch any AAA super modern space blockbuster and then go watch that tour of the ISS.... NO WAY IN HELL WE CAN REPLICATE THAT!!! It would take a whole fucking city of supercomputers to "CGI" all those physics... But hey I am just wasting my keystrokes here.... If you took them up to space they would say the window is a monitor showing us more CGI.. If you put them in a space suit and let them do a spacewalk they would say the helmet is displaying CGI... If you fucking jettisoned them butt naked in orbit they would think right before they die "they must have put some kind of microchip in my brain to make me see a curve!!!!!"
It really is sad... So many people dedicated their lives and even lost them in the pursuit of this knowledge and here you are looking up youtube videos and thinking you all know how the fucking universe works.... Tragic.

4 days ago
how come i don't see the earth spinning. i mean that bitch is perfectly still.

4 days ago
what a fucking joke

5 days ago
Fisheye camera????

5 days ago
No satellites, no stars, no meteors flying and most of all no rotation of the so called "round earth." Supposedly earth rotates 1000 mph where's the rotation? CGI!!

5 days ago
flat earthers have fallen into a new way of illogical thinking. ive watched many flat earth videos. all of them are garbage. you cant ask to see a video and ask for pictures ,and then when they are presented, claim they are fake and then at the same time making little baby rocket videos that dont truly go high enough to prove anything but use that as evidence. i challenge flat earthers to come up with only 1 real proof. only 1.

5 days ago
What's up with all the ice ??

6 days ago
Is just the earth flat or all planets?

6 days ago
You can keep the spherical earth propaganda to yourself. Asshole.

6 days ago
99% of the comments is people bitching about flatearthers instead of enjoying the video

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