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Inside a Rocket From Take Off To Orbit (External Cameras) in HD
  Published: 9 years ago


Outside cameras gives you an Onboard Ride to Space. From Earth to Orbit in Under 4 mins Show more

Comments Directly on YouTube

10 months ago
hello people, I have had lots of complaints that I'm putting up a bogus video. This video is for non profit, it's been uploaded for people who are interested in space exploration, rockets ect...
There is no CGI in this video I have no reason to pull wool over people's eyes, it is what it is. If you don't like it, don't watch it if you are interested then proceed.

1 day ago
isnt to leave earth orbit it takes 17000 mph ???

2 days ago
It's a real launch but the earth could have been edited. And I feel like the rocket was on its way down when the video ends... But that's just me and my opinion which I'm entitled too😉 and people are horrible to pass such judgment on others.

3 days ago
Why is it not going straight up is going to the left as it is flying parallel to the world

3 days ago
They stopped the clip and went to a different scene after boosters separated ,,,, then went back to rocket LOLOLOL
they can't do a continuous stream . they WONT

4 days ago
kind of lens in use

5 days ago
Waiting for the clip to be cut (where space begins) was NOT disappointed!!! lol wow, try to watch an uncut video from earth surface to space, they don't exist. Nice try but no cigar

5 days ago
Awww thought I was gona see insertion. Once again a lot of level flight at greatly exaggerated height never any follow through and can't be Mars bound until NASA can transit van belts...

6 days ago
all you dumb ass globe-earthers. the earth is potato shaped #lookitup

1 week ago
it's fisheye lens

2 weeks ago
forgot to spin the Earth

2 weeks ago
This is an awesome video, it is hard to comprehend how large the earth is.

2 weeks ago
I always thought flat earthers were joking

2 weeks ago
To all you people; regardless of your chosen faith, If you sincerely think that the Earth is Flat, or that it was "Created" in 6 days, I'm going to hold back from tearing you all a new Asshole, & Cuss you out. It's a direct indictment of how ill-educated you truly are. People, be happy that we're living in the 21st Century you waste of Life & our Earth's resources. The scary part is that you'll more than likely become parents yourselves & pass on your complete & utter ignorance to them. It's people lie you who have never looked through a Microscope, or Telescope. Just go back into your hovel & continue watching the Kardashians whom you no doubt look up to.... SMH...& it's people like you who are Jurors? Are you fucken kidding me?

2 weeks ago
im starting a fundraiser to get every flatearther into a physics 1 class

3 weeks ago
Notice how the rocket exhaust gets wider as the air gets thinner ?  The air actually restricts the exhaust gasses but when it gets out of the atmosphere the rocket actually works more efficiently.

3 weeks ago
We do not see the reflection of the bright city lights in the dome at night, there should be a reflection.

3 weeks ago
Fake tho

3 weeks ago
Chew on this, all flat earthers! You watch video of a hobby rocket entering "the water dome" and experiencing instantaneous deceleration, and you call it evidence. THIS VIDEO from 20ya is evidence - earth is a majestic blue marble guys.

3 weeks ago
Nice view of the earth's curvature.

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